Scope:The journal aims to publish a wide range of innovative research and application papers which describe laboratory and to a limited extent numerical investigations or report on full scale projects.  Multi disciplinary papers are encouragaed. Detailed case studies and  dept research review articles which are beneficial to set better understandings are published in GJOEST.   Focus point of the journal is engineering studies. Hence, historical or social sciences related papers are not considered.  GJOEST covers but not limited to; civil, computer, chemical, environmental mechanical, software, material,mine, aeronautical,mechatronics, robotics engineering and subdivision of those fields.

Engineers have had vital responsibility in solving the problems mankind face in a daily life throughout history. At this point,  GJOEST will lighten the burden of engineers by providing essential informatiion that will develop understanding, new approaches ,  and improve efffiency and competitiveness.  These researches will not be helpfull to the only academic researchers but also professionals from the private industry as well. Hence, GJOEST is highly important for both professionals from the private industry and academics involved in engineering studies.

Global Journal of Engineering Studies is an open access journal, so articles are freely available to the readers.


Global Journal of Engineering Studies does not require any kind of submission or publication charges.


Author duties: Acceptance of a manuscript for publication in the journal carries with it an understanding that the author, when requested, will fulfil an obligation to contribute their expertise to the review of others' manuscripts. Authors are also requested to name five independent referees together with institutional email addresses. The named possible referees must not be from their own institution.

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